Luo Hong Photography Art Museum

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Luo Hong Photography Art Museum


Welcome to Beijing Luo Hong Photography Art Museum, China

"我的一生,为美而感动,为美而存在" —— 罗红

"My whole life, touched for beauty, exist for beauty" -- Luo Hong



Born in 1967 in a small city in Sichuan Province at the southeast foot of the Hengduan Mountains, Mr. Luo Hong grew up in a mountain and water environment. At the age of 17, he went to Chengdu to study photography and earn a living independently. Later, because he couldn't buy a satisfactory birthday cake on his mother's birthday, he founded the baking chain brand "Holiland", and that year, he was 25 years old.

In 1995, Mr. Luo Hong revived his dream of photography and traveled all over western China from his hometown of Sichuan, shooting a large number of natural scenery works. In 2001, he went to South Africa by chance and was shocked by his first close encounter with wild animals, and later said: "When I came to Africa, I saw the scene of people, animals and nature living in harmony, and I also realized that nature is incomplete without life!" He began to focus on photographing African wildlife, and over the next two decades, he traveled to Africa 53 times.

In addition to Africa, Mr. Luo Hong has also photographed a large number of natural scenery and wildlife works in Antarctica, Arctic, North America, Central America and Northern Europe, "At the beginning, photography was just a dream of mine," said Mr. Luo Hong, "and later it became a belief to use the beauty of heaven and earth to awaken the beauty of people's hearts." It is this belief that has enabled Mr. Luo Hong to trek tirelessly through the inaccessible places on earth for more than two decades to capture nature's little-known beauty.

On September 15, 2020, Mr. Luo Hong's dream of fifteen years finally came true - aerial photography of the motherland. Starting from his hometown of Gongga Mountain in Sichuan, Mr. Luo Hong photographed western China, and as of June 2021, he has photographed the Hengduan Mountain Range and the famous sacred mountains and snowy peaks in southeastern Tibet. During the filming process, his old lumbar spine injury recurred, severe pain was unbearable, and he had to undergo two orthopedic treatments every morning and evening to continue shooting the next day. But the magnificent scenery of the motherland made him tearful and proud, he said: "This is the most difficult and proud creation in my life, the most beautiful snow mountains in the world are in China, which strengthens my belief, I want to use my lens to show the world the beauty of our great country and the great beauty of our country!"

Since 2010, Mr. Luo Hong has devoted his life to building the "Luo Hong Photography Art Museum" in six years, collecting and exhibiting his photographic works, showing the beauty of the earth in a panoramic manner. Mr. Luo Hong hopes that Luo Hong Photography Art Museum is not only an art space that warms people's hearts, a place for children to receive artistic edification, but also a spiritual wealth left to future generations.

地址: 北京市开发街6号,北京顺义机场高速杨林大道出口200米左侧
Address: No.6 Kaifa Street, Beijing, 200 meters left of Yanglin Avenue exit of Beijing Shunyi Airport Expressway
免费电话: +86 400 700 1399
Toll Free Tel: +86 400 700 1399
开放时间: 周一至周日: 上午九点至晚上九点
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 09:00-21:00
Official website:

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